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I want to grow into a leading player in the Manufacturing Department.

Joined in 2016/Manufacturing Division, Production Technology Department

Why did you choose and join the OSP Group?

I kind of had the desire to live in a big city, and I was attracted to Osaka. My teacher recommended the OSP group partly because one of my schoolmates had been hired here, so I chose the OSP group.

Please tell us about your daily work.

I adjust labelers, which are machines that attach labels, and arrange shipping. I visit our customer's sites for delivery, final adjustments, and maintenance after installation.

Please tell us about a situation in which you overcame a challenge.

I visited a customer's site in Wakayama Prefecture for about a month to adjust machines, and I worked hard to meet the customer's requests. When all the adjustments had been completed, I felt that the experience had helped me to gain valuable experience. I really felt a sense of accomplishment. Of course, my supervisor and coworkers are ready to advise me when I need help; but because I often visit sites alone, the responsibility for completing the work is mine in the end. Therefore, I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I solve problems on my own.


Can you describe your usual workday?


Arrive at work and do radio calisthenics


Attend a morning assembly・・・I check the work assignment with department members.


Start work・・・I adjust labelers at our in-house workshop.


Visit customers'sites・・・I visit customers'sites to maintain the labelers.


Return to the company・・・After returning to the company, I do paperwork and adjust labelers.


Leave work

Have you realized any growth or changes since you started working?

By explaining how to use the machines and making fine adjustments at customer sites, I have become more attentive to small details.

When do you feel rewarded at work?

I frequently visit customers all over the country to deliver the machines I have adjusted. I exchange opinions with sales staff to determine the best adjustment before final delivery. It’s always rewarding when the work has been completed successfully, and I join with the customer’s staff to eat local specialties at a dinner party to celebrate the delivery.

Please tell us about the atmosphere of your workplace.

My coworkers are kind, and we often go out for meals together. The workplace is so friendly that there are chat groups for people who joined the company at the same time.


What do you like about this company?

It's sometimes a bit intense, but I think it is very valuable to have the opportunity for close contact with customers to hear their opinions directly. The workplace motivates you to create better products by getting close to customers.

Please tell us your future work goals.

I want to grow so that I can become a leading player in the manufacturing division, and I also want to focus on training the newer employees who will work with us. In addition to teaching technical skills, I would like to actively work to create a workplace atmosphere where employees can ask questions freely.

Please give us a message for those who wish to join us.

I hope newcomers with aspirations will bring a fresh perspective to the industry. Change may not come in one day, but let's do our best together.

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If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

(Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekdays)

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