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I'm glad when I see the company's name of the machine I arranged around the city.

Joined in 2018/Purchase Division, Management Department

Why did you choose and join the OSP Group?

When I visited the OSP's booth at a joint job fair, I heard that it was very much involved in products commonly found in convenience stores. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about the OSP group, but they fascinated me because they provide support behind the scenes. Also, the employee who introduced the company seemed to feel rewarded by their work, so I decided to join the company.

Please tell us about your daily work.

I mainly arrange parts and machinery ordered by sales staff. Designers confirm the details of the orders and send the request to me via dedicated software. We sort them by supplier, set a desired delivery date, and make arrangements.

Please tell us about a situation in which you overcame a challenge.

Many of the machines that Oak Teck manufactures are custom-made to meet customer requests. When I arrange large machines, in particular, the purchase list becomes quite long. As I proceed with the work, the list becomes shorter. When I finish arranging all the items on the list, I feel very satisfied.


Can you describe your usual workday?


Arrive at work and do radio calisthenics


Attend a morning assembly・・・I check the work assignment with department members.


Arrange parts and machines・・・I give special care to custom-made machines because they have lots of parts.


Check items that have arrived・・・I check if all the parts have arrived from suppliers.


​Leave work

Have you realized any growth or changes since you started working?

I've only worked at the company for six years, so I often interact with people older than I am. By talking over the phone and handling correspondence, I learned business manners that I didn’t have when I was a student. In the training we received immediately after joining the company, we were told about business manners and how to respond to customers. We put this training into practice after we were assigned to a division. At first, I was not able to talk professionally over the phone and was flustered, but I’ve gotten better as I work every day.

When do you feel rewarded at work?

When I see a customer's name in the city or at a supermarket, I'm glad because I can see that the machine I arranged is being used.

Please tell us about the atmosphere of your workplace.

Employees here have good work-life balance; in other words, they know when to switch between work mode and private mode. I think the workplace has a comfortable atmosphere, and I feel free to ask questions when I’m talking to coworkers who are senior to me. Everyone has been very kind to me since I started working at the company, inviting me to hang out and join them at after-work parties.


What do you like about this company?

Employees get along well, celebrating birthdays and marriages, and getting together for meals.

Please tell us your future work goals.

I want to become more efficient in making arrangements. For example, devising more efficient ways of making arrangements by considering the delivery date and the complexity of the machines to decide the best way to proceed with work and what order is best. My task requires collaboration with employees in other departments, so I discuss with them to find a way to proceed smoothly. I put importance on communication across departments.

Please give us a message for those who wish to join us.

I think it's very important to be honest about what you do not understand, without feeling too embarrassed to ask, or leaving something undone just because you feel reluctant to talk to others. I'm a bit shy, so I hope newcomers talk to me with a smile.

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If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

(Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekdays)

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