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When a machine I designed operates completely as expected, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Joined in 2016/Design and Development Division, Production Technology Department

Why did you choose and join the OSP Group?

I decided to join the company because it’s a stable business and it’s a comfortable workplace for everyone. To be honest, I didn’t have a specific dream that I really wanted to make come true. I didn’t enjoy job-hunting. Unable to find an answer, I narrowed my search to a stable company with large-scale business operations. Then a description in the OSP Group job posting drew my attention. It was that they had a large number of female employees. Because I was mainly in all-boys schools growing up, the idea of working with lots of women sounded new to me; and I thought that in an environment where females can work comfortably, everyone would feel comfortable to work. Most of your life is spent at work. It was then that I realized that the pivot in my job hunting was the "work environment.'' I decided to think about what I wanted to be after joining the company and focused on the "work environment.''

Please tell us about your daily work.

I design "labelers,'' machines that automatically affix labels on packages. One of the strengths of the OSP Group is that we not only design and print labels but also support customers in affixing finished labels onto their products. This is a very important job that bridges the OSP Group's products, labels, and the customers' products, containers. There are products of various shapes in this world. It is a challenge to find the best way to quickly affix labels in the same place. What is the best way to attach a label to the mouse I’m using to write this sentence? What ballpoint pen was used for the draft? Our questions never end. After much effort, I complete the labeler using a computer. When the labeler, which I saw only through the monitor, is actually assembled and operates as intended, I experience a great sense of accomplishment.

Please tell us about a situation in which you overcame a challenge.

My task is not only designing machines. I often adjust them. I remember the day when I shipped a machine I adjusted. Problems frequently occurred at the customer’s site. Because it was perfect before shipping, I was puzzled while on my way to their site. But I had no idea what the cause was, and the solution I prepared didn’t work. I was at a loss and didn’t know what to do. Just then, several employees from the manufacturing department showed up to help. This really made a difference, and we soon identified the cause. Since then, the machine has had no troubles at all and has been running smoothly. Ideally, I should’ve solved the problem on my own, but I’m grateful for the support that I received. I wanted to become a person who could understand his own weaknesses, absorb the strengths of others, and be assigned to difficult tasks without worrying others. I’ll do my best to help others in a cool way someday.


Can you describe your usual workday?


Arrive at work and check emails・・・After refreshing my brain with radio calisthenics, I check emails.


Check specifications for new projects・・・I check the shape of containers and the required processing capacity.


Check labelers・・・I check all assembled labelers one by one to make sure they are finished up as designed.


Leave work・・・Today, I’ll go to a ramen shop with my coworkers. No garlic, please!

Have you realized any growth or changes since you started working?

Because I've experienced various problems, I've learned to address them and picture situations, and I've gained a kind of confidence that I can solve them. Recently, more and more customers call us with inquiries. At first, when I received a phone call, I couldn't address the problem by myself. So I had to call back after asking my coworkers about a solution. As I felt more confident addressing telephone inquiries by myself, I recognized my growth.

When do you feel rewarded at work?

I secretly congratulate myself when a highly novel machine that I've put great effort into designing is successfully assembled and shipped without any major trouble.

Please tell us about the atmosphere of your workplace.

I think the company has a good mixture of familiarity and seriousness among coworkers. It's a very comfortable atmosphere to work in, where employees concentrate on their work, but aren't too tense. And they have friendly conversations, but they aren't too loose.


What do you like about this company?

A really good thing about our workplace is that I have some discretion to decide the schedule and order of work. In other words, every single employee is respected and trusted in the workplace. For example, I can finish work and take a refreshing vacation, and if employees under me are in trouble, I can help them before doing my work.

Please tell us your future work goals.

My current goal is to complete all the development projects I supervise and see the products used by a wide range of people. I am still inexperienced, but I’d like to do my best to help customers.

Please give us a message for those who wish to join us.

Reporting, communication, and consultation are important in doing this work. I believe that an important skill required by working people is the ability to admit that you can't do work beyond your capacity and be honest about what you don't understand. In addition, business manners are very important as you will be in frequent contact with customers. I hope newcomers can gain the ability to communicate smoothly with others both in- and outside the company.

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If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

(Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekdays)

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