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It's a workplace with lots of opportunities that allow you to grow, and you can use your own initiative in taking on challenges.

Joined in 2017/System Division, Production Technology Department

Why did you choose and join the OSP Group?

I was motivated to join this company by seeing the outstanding technical capabilities of OSP Group's products at a joint job fair for technical specialists that I attended during job-hunting. This sparked my interest in the OSP Group, and I researched the company. I hadn't heard the company name before starting job-hunting, but I was impressed by its consistently strong sales performance, its management policy of tackling a variety of businesses and embracing the changing times. I was also impressed by its comfortable work environment and the fact that there were many female employees. I chose this company because I thought that working in such a wonderful environment would have a significant influence on my growth.

Please tell us about your daily work.

I develop software to be incorporated into machines and create formats for label printing. Besides this, I perform a wide range of work related to creating labeling systems, including shipping inspection and repair of printers as well as adjustment of labelers.

Please tell us about a situation in which you overcame a challenge.

When I was in charge of everything from meetings to the production and delivery of an application in a project, there were times when the application didn’t operate as expected or as the customer intended. However, I successfully modified the application to meet all the customer's requests. As a result, the customer said, "Now it's easier to use!'' Hearing this, I felt like I had met the challenge. 


Can you describe your usual workday?


Arrive at work and Attend a morning assembly


Do general-affairs work


Ship printers


Create printing formats


Create software


Adjust labelers


Organize and sort work and slips


Leave work

Have you realized any growth or changes since you started working?

I felt my growth as a professional when I understood the difference between communication in everyday life and at work. At work, I realized that it's important to consider the position and situation of the people I'm talking with and use accurate and appropriate language and expressions. Especially when having a conversation with someone in a high position or who plays a significant role, such as a boss or customer, I feel the importance of having the skills to accurately understand the main points of what the individual is communicating. I felt like I was growing by realizing the difference between every day and professional conversations.

When do you feel rewarded at work?

It's rewarding when a customer is pleased with the system I have created and delivered. I feel great joy and a sense of accomplishment when the system I have designed is operating as expected. Besides, positive feedback from customers boosts my confidence and motivation.

Please tell us about the atmosphere of your workplace.

It's a comfortable workplace where you can talk about anything, regardless of your position or seniority. In addition, there are lots of challenges that help you grow. And you are encouraged to take on challenges.


What do you like about this company?

Because we ship the products manufactured by Oak Teck to various places in Japan, I travel on business relatively often. I always look forward to going to new places. I feel very happy when I experience the atmosphere of the region and eat delicious food. It’s great to have the chance to get to know so many places as a part of working for the company.

Please tell us your future work goals.

My goal is to achieve even smoother communication both in and across departments. In other words, I want to create an environment where my colleagues can work with peace of mind and demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest. At the same time, I would like to grow by improving my skills and deepening my knowledge to perform my work more efficiently and with higher quality.

Please give us a message for those who wish to join us.

I hope newcomers are honest about what they do not understand. Of course, they will encounter things they don't understand, so it's important for them to ask others without being afraid. This leads to mutual growth because the individual who gives advice can reconfirm the main points being communicated.

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If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

(Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekdays)

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